What is Homeopathy?

Using natural remedies, Homeopathy aims to restore balance within the body to ease symptoms and improve overall health. Homeopathic principles states that when our ‘whole self’ becomes unbalanced, our body produces symptoms in various ways, depending on our own susceptibility, to alert us to this dis-ease within. It is therefore the ‘whole person’ that needs to be treated and not just the single parts/organs in order to restore harmony within the body.

How safe is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is very safe and non-toxic and so can be taken by anyone, even pregnant women and tiny babies. If you are currently taking conventional medication, you can safely take homeopathic remedies alongside as they will not interfere with the action of these medicines.

What does Treatment involve?

The initial consultation usually takes about 1 hour to 90 minutes with follow-up appointments lasting from 45-60minutes.   This may seem longer than you would have expected but it is because I need to find out all about you as a person as well as about your current symptoms. This includes discussing any related emotional issues or current stresses, past illnesses, your quality of sleep, appetite and other general information about you. Once I have a complete picture of your case I will then select a remedy that is tailored to fit you as an individual.