Reoccurring tonsillitis – no longer needing a tonsillectomy – ” I can’t thank Jackie enough” – Hazel

I can’t thank Jackie enough for helping my daughter who was suffering from reoccurring tonsillitis (every three weeks) We were on the waiting list for a tonsillectomy but wanted to explore all avenues before putting our daughter through surgery. Jackie gave us so much time, patience and nurturing and now our daughter doesn’t need the surgery. We’ve learnt how to read the signs when she is feeling low and give her a certain remedy. If we acted a little too late and she gets a sore throat we give her another remedy and within a day or two she is back to her usual self again. No antibiotics, no calpol. Very happy parents and a very happy little girl. Thank you SO much Jackie x

Hazel Birch (June 2018)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook Review


“Jackie is exceptional” – Beccy

Jackie is exceptional. Not only is her knowledge extensive but she works to bring over all vitality up rather than just dealing with the issue that is causing trouble at the time. She also has a calm and wise way of advising that has her affectionately nicknamed Yoda!

Beccy Mae Rose (Feb 2018)

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“caring and lovely” – Joanna

We’ve been using Jackie for my daughter as she was teething and I have to say, she is the most caring and lovely lady. Whenever I ask her a question, she is always there to help and the remedies are just fabulous. If you’re the sort of person that is a bit dubious about this sort of treatment, I’d thoroughly recommend having a chat first. Jackie will soon put your mind to rest.

Joanna Bullock (Feb 2018)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook review

“Extremely knowledgeable, highly qualified and dedicated practitioner”

Jackie is an extremely knowledgeable, highly qualified and dedicated practitioner. As soon as you walk through her door her warmth and conscientious care will envelop you. She has helped me for many years with differing issues and her wisdom and advice goes far beyond pure homeopathy. She will do her best to match treatment carefully to each individual and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chocolatemaddyful – Google review – March 2018

Knowledgeable & Welcoming – Ms NM

I highly recommend Jackie, she has helped me so much. She is knowledgeable and suggests natural remedies which she knows can help. She takes the time to understand that everyone is different and has their own individual needs. She is always welcoming and approachable.