Jackie really took the time to listen to me and found what worked for me

I saw Jackie after suffering with my mental health for several years. She really took the time to listen to me and helped me piece things together. I like the holistic approach and she taught me to recognise what my body was trying to tell me when I was unwell. She had a couple of suggestions for remedies and we continued confidently with what worked for me. I will definitely keep in touch with Jackie and visit her again as and when necessary

Lauren Keeble  (March 2019)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook review

Jackie is extremely knowledgeable, good listener & easy to talk to.

We recently consulted Jackie concerning an open wound my husband had on his arm that was infected and had not healed after taking 5 courses of antibiotics. Jackie saw him as an emergency and thoroughly researched and explained the remedies she recommended he take. 5 DAYS later it is healing, no discharge or signs of infection. She is extremely knowledgeable, an extremely good listener and easy to talk to. I will certainly make her the first port of call should we need anything else in the future.


Chris Gill (Jan 2019)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook review

Helped me fly for the first time in years without a panic attack on the plane.

I literally can’t thank Jackie enough for everything she has done for me. I went to with really hot hands and none of the doctors could help me and now Jackie has. Not only did she solve this she also helped me fly for the first time in years without a panic attack on a plane! I now feel sad l don’t need to see her again but if anything is wrong, I would not hesitate to ring her in a heartbeat. Thank you

Kelly Kaye (Oct 2018)

No Hay fever remedies needed for months

I visited Jackie when I was at my wits end suffering from the worst Hay fever I can remember having. Jackie’s initial consultation talked me through the process of the session, where Jackie asks a number of questions to completely understand me, my health and general well-being.

After a relaxing talk through all of my stresses and life, Jackie prescribed a couple of remedies that have worked and I haven’t taken a Hay fever remedy for months.

So I cannot thank Jackie enough!

Alex Lindsay (July 2018)

Remedy to help with exam nerves worked amazingly.

Jackie really is the most lovely lady and I couldn’t thank her enough! Prior to my GCSE exams, I suffered with exam stress and the remedies that Jackie gave to me worked amazingly. Very happy with the help that she gave me and fingers crossed I did alright in my exams as a result!

Sofia Andrew

(June 2018)

(Sofia achieved amazing exam results and was accepted into her first choice school to study her A Levels)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook review

Reoccurring tonsillitis – no longer needing a tonsillectomy – ” I can’t thank Jackie enough” – Hazel

I can’t thank Jackie enough for helping my daughter who was suffering from reoccurring tonsillitis (every three weeks) We were on the waiting list for a tonsillectomy but wanted to explore all avenues before putting our daughter through surgery. Jackie gave us so much time, patience and nurturing and now our daughter doesn’t need the surgery. We’ve learnt how to read the signs when she is feeling low and give her a certain remedy. If we acted a little too late and she gets a sore throat we give her another remedy and within a day or two she is back to her usual self again. No antibiotics, no calpol. Very happy parents and a very happy little girl. Thank you SO much Jackie x

Hazel Birch (June 2018)