Widespread Eczema “completely under control – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her 100%”

 I took my 9 year old daughter to Jackie after she had suffered for years with terrible widespread eczema it was due to allergies, intolerances and also aggravated by her anxieties. Jackie listened to my daughters medical history, her habits and then to my daughters thoughts/feelings to gather every piece of information needed to help find the correct remedy path for her. In just a year Jackie has brought her eczema completely under control and so gently, with only natural remedies. We are amazed and so grateful, it’s changed my daughters life. She always hated hospital appointments, but visits to Jackie are looked forward to which as a mother is life changing too. Jackie is so knowledgeable about all things holistic I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her 100%.

N.Norris (Nov 2019)

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“Fabulous Homeopath”

Cannot recomend this lady enough. Fabulous homeopath. I have been to her 3 times now and found her very understanding, supportive and very friendly she really listens to the illness emotions and , mental health problems you are facing She gives very practical and useful advice on different ways/ vitamins etc you could take to make positive changes to your current situation. For me i have seen nothing but positive changes. Suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome IBS cluster headaches anxiety insomnia i have seen a significant decrease in all my symptoms. Hopefully it will continue. Sharon Labram (Nov 2019)

Sharon Labrum

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper facebook review

Migraines – within 4 months the difference is amazing

I have been suffering from migraines for 30 years! I can honestly say within 4 months the difference is amazing. Instead of 3 day violent migraine I now have 3 hour headaches, and it is getting better the more I am being treated. Jackie is so understanding and helpful and it makes me feel totally trusting that one day I may finally not have to have the constant threat of daily headaches!  

Yvette Law (April 2019)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook review

Jackie really took the time to listen to me and found what worked for me

I saw Jackie after suffering with my mental health for several years. She really took the time to listen to me and helped me piece things together. I like the holistic approach and she taught me to recognise what my body was trying to tell me when I was unwell. She had a couple of suggestions for remedies and we continued confidently with what worked for me. I will definitely keep in touch with Jackie and visit her again as and when necessary

Lauren Keeble  (March 2019)

Homeopathy with Jackie Hopper Facebook review